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Argentina | Mergers 29-09-14
Telecom Italia to assess changes in Fintech agreement on Argentine subsidiary  
The Managing Board of the European operator provided a new extension until October 24 to close the deal with Fintech on Telecom Argentina but with a "...
Mexico | Fixed Telephony 29-09-14
Regulator investigates a complaint against Telmex
The Federal Telecommunications Institute (Spanish: Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones, IFETEL) has initiated proceedings for alleged monopolistic...

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Brazil | Regulation
Cade approves transfer of Band’s towers to Highline  
The Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) has approved without restriction the transfer of nearly 400 towers  from the group TV Band...
Argentina | Special Coverag...
ICT grows in regional economies  
Officials from various administrations highlighted computer tools and technology to maintain and simplify the country’s traditions.
Argentina | Special Coverag...
From pediatric videoconferences to Cyberhealth
In the 10th edition of Government Networks 2014. The era of digital democracy, health-applied technologies were shown.
Fixed Telephony in Chile  

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WCIT México 2014
CDN World Summit 2014
Forum MOBILE Mobilidade+Negocios 2014
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