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Colombia | Mergers
SIC approves UNE-Millicom merger but forces them to divest spectrum  
The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce has approved the merger between UNE-EPM and Millicom's local subsidiary. However, the entity clarified th...
Ecuador | Regulation
Mintel to monitor quality parameters starting June  
Minister of Telecommunication and Information Society (Mintel), Jaime Guerrero Ruiz, reported that quality of service parameters in cellular mobile co...
Global | Mergers
Zebra Technologies buys Motorola Solutions business at US$3.450 billion
Zebra Technologies announced the acquisition of Motorola Solutions business at approximately US$3.450 billion, operation to be completed in December t...

  Sectoral analysis
Mexico | Media   16-04-14
US$63.5 million, minimum value of tender of each free-to-air TV chain  
IFETEL determined stakeholders' proposals should equal or exceed that amount, regardless of the amount of allocated channels.
Jamaica | Broadband 16-04-14
The renewal, a gift for Lime and Digicel as well as decreased chances for new entrants
The government has extended the licenses of the two operators for fifteen years and gave them 700 MHz and AWS spectrum. With this, focused on expanding services and put away its desire for a new actor.
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Complete article
Venezuela: Broadband Subscribers  

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