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Peru | Mobile
Viettel starts operations as Bitel  
Three and a half years and several failed launches after announcing his arrival in the country, the Vietnamese company started selling on Saturday Jul...
Regional | Regulation
After negotiating with Argentina, Chile seeks to regulate roaming with Peru  
The Undersecretary of Telecommunications (Subtel) of Chile, Pedro Huichalaf, announced that once they've signed the bilateral roaming agreement with A...
Colombia | Media
TV regulator to analyze operators' opinions but not that of networks
The Antv reported that the deadline for receipt of comments on the study presented as regards the conflict between pay TV companies and RCN and Caraco...

  Sectoral analysis
Argentina | General   28-07-14
Two speeches on Argentina Conectada last mile operation  
Uncertainty about the role of state companies and cooperatives in the sector makes it difficult to establish medium and long term projects.
Panama | General 28-07-14
The state would continue its partnership with Cable & Wireless
Edwin Castillo, of the Panamanian regulator, told Convergencialatina that the new government would have no intention to sell its stake in the firm and clarified aspects of the 700 MHz band.
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Fixed telephony in Ecuador  

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