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Brazil | Broadband
TCU says yes to the 700 MHz auction and the development bank to finance companies  
The Court of Accounts (TCU) has overturned the injunction that slowed the process which had been issued due to some uncertainties in the original spec...
Mexico | Regulation
América Móvil did not convince the regulator and should review its proposed wholesale services  
The Federal Telecommunications Institute (Spanish: Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones, IFETEL) overturned the initiative of subsidiaries belongin...
Argentina | Mobile
Vila-Manzano Group acquires specifications for spectrum tender
The interest of the media company to diversify to telecommunications is an old wish and, as known by Convergencialatina, it bought the bidding specifi...

  Sectoral analysis
Regional | Special Coverag... 21-08-14
Officials stress the importance of public-private partnerships to reduce the digital divide  
Convergencia Research’s "2020 Challenge" forecasts that Latin America should to reach a penetration of 95% in mobile broadband and 75% in fixed broadband.
Regional | General 21-08-14
Open government as the objective and regional synergy as a tool
It was treated at the Regional Government Leaders Forum in Buenos Aires. In which highlighted the need to bridge the digital divide through the consumption of e-government.
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Complete article
Ecuador: Pay TV Market Share  

See graph  
SET Expo 2014
Foro Regional de la UIT para la Normalización de la Región Asia-Pacífico
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Gedeon Santos: The State is back, not to crush but to facilitate private development
Ericsson calls for more investment in networks as strategy to increase profitability