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  Sectoral analysis | Data. Broadband. Internet
Argentina | General
LTE should reach the interior of buildings
80% of the traffic passes through 15% of the cells. Ericsson presented its Radio Dot system to replicate the signal in homes. The number of accesses will triple in the coming years.
Regional | General
Most Latin Americans uses Facebook mainly to share photos
In addition, consultations to "social media" sites are about 40% of total accesses, and grow faster than viewing other pages.
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Argentina | General
Although not most widespread cultural consumption, Internet certainly carries most weight to pocket
7% of Argentine households has overabundance of electronic equipment. 71% of households has a computer and 39% of the population has a mobile connected to the Internet.
Mexico | General
Based on Qualcomm Innovation Society Index, 44% of companies are still to be connected
The highest percentage occurs in those companies with up to 5 employees and those with 6-10, which account for 94% of companies in the country.
Regional | General
Ericsson’s Mobility Report predicts 23% of LTE in Latin America in 2019
Experts of the Swedish company say that the region follows the same trends as the world. In 2019 there will be 900 million mobile subscribers and coverage will reach 90% of the population.
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Global | General
Network neutrality on the World Telecommunications and Internet Day
While the world day of such services is celebrated tomorrow, in the United States the FCC proposed new rules to eliminate the concept of neutrality.
Global | General
For Just Net Coalition, NETmundial result favors large interests
Concern for inclusion of clauses on intellectual property and lack of progress on net neutrality and mass surveillance.
Brazil | General
Regulations define actual scope of the Civil Rights Framework for the Internet
Operators seek to offer plans for differential access to specific content, which is forbidden by the new legal framework. Disagreements on safeguarding privacy.
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Global | General
NETmundial concludes without definitions on neutrality or Internet governance
Pressures from different countries, mainly the United States resulted in a final document that caused much disappointment throughout participants
Global | General
Concept of democratization and transparency of the ICANN for internet governance continues growing
On the first day of NETmundial countries presented their criteria and agreed on greater participation of governments and sectors of civil society in decision-making.
Global | General
Latin America sovereignty conquered in cyberspace
Today begins in Sao Paulo, Brazil, NetMundial event which will discuss and evaluate alternative ways for Internet regulation to be decentralized from U.S..
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  Brazil |
US$945,000 fines may be imposed on Net, Nextel and Vivo
  Colombia |
Avantel starts selling LTE for corporate sector
  Regional |
Officials request to free spectrum as key to meet the demand for mobile data
  Regional |
Open government as the objective and regional synergy as a tool
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