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  Sectoral analysis | Data. Broadband. Internet
Jamaica | Data
The renewal, a gift for Lime and Digicel as well as decreased chances for new entrants
The government has extended the licenses of the two operators for fifteen years and gave them 700 MHz and AWS spectrum. With this, focused on expanding services and put away its desire for a new actor.
Paraguay | E-commerce
E-Commerce under state control
The Paraguayan Executive in February enacted the law governing electronic commerce. The scope of the measure and its particularities for operations wi...
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Global | General
Divergent views on the future of Internet governance
While the U.S. and Britain defend the current model, the European Union, Russia and Brazil aim to create an international agency with broad powers.
Colombia | General
MinTIC to launch the second stage of Plan Vive Digital before presidential elections
The document has been drafted and is being analyzed by the industry. In a talk with Convergencialatina during MWC, Diego Molano said that they would focus on developing Software.
Regional | Web Sites
Facebook wants to "teach Latin Americans to read" through
Laura González Estefani, Director of Strategic Alliances for Latin America, spoke with Convergencialatina on the implementation in Paraguay with Tigo.
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Mexico | Data
Mexico ranks 9th in Connectivity in region according to Qualcomm and Convergencia Research study
“Qualcomm Innovation Society Index” (QuISI) measures the level of adoption, use and assimilation of new technologies. Mexico obtained 28.85 points over 100 in QuISI Connectivity.
Argentina | Fiber Optic
Neutics, the last provincial initiative that opened Argentina Connected in the south
Sapem Neuquén was created in late 2012. It will lay a stretch of 1,090 kilometers of optical fiber that will link 17 locations.
Regional | Fiber Optic
Datco and idea to "Latin Americanizing" companies in the region
The Argentine-owned company is already in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru and Chile. Horacio Martinez, CEO of the company, discussed the prospects of the plan Argentina Conectada (Argentina Connected) and of the video boom.
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Argentina | Fiber Optic
The advance of Argentina Connected to think about the future scenario
The fundamental structure has already been determined; tendered the physical work and advanced electronics. How this translates in specific cases within the provinces of Chaco and La Pampa.
Global | Web Sites
Privacy in social networks under scrutiny at CES 2014
Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, said that online marketing should be clear and direct with users. The Facebook representative highlighted the role of mobile phones in the transformation of the company.
Argentina | General
Transnationals insist on selling music online in the country with remote companies
The trend has not reached a massified status yet. Companies like Blackberry or Spotify have launched these services in Argentina, but they typically do not have local datacenters or hosting or claims offices.
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  Colombia |
SIC approves UNE-Millicom merger but forces them to divest spectrum
  Ecuador |
Mintel to monitor quality parameters starting June
  Mexico |
US$63.5 million, minimum value of tender of each free-to-air TV chain
  Global |
Zebra Technologies buys Motorola Solutions business at US$3.450 billion
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