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Regional | General
Nextel's efforts "were not sufficient" to recover
Nii Holdings revenues dropped 23% year over year through the second quarter. The subscriber base decreased 5.6% driven by the free fall in Mexico.
Global | General
Telefónica earnings rise 4.9% in second quarter
They totaled €1.210 billion in the period while the OIDBA margin stood at 32.3%. Revenue grew 1.3%, driven by business in Brazil and Latin America.
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Regional | General
América Móvil’s net income grew 32.7% in the second quarter
The company earned US$ 1.449,9 billion. Main milestones are: increased its participation in Telekom Austria, purchased shares of AT&T and its divestiture in Mexico.
Global | General
Tigo moves forward on strategy to become more than a mobile company
The revenues of the company in the second quarter increased 6.6%. Although the main vector continues being mobile telephony, financial services and television segments went up.
Colombia | General
Government seeks to expand mobile banking and create new entities for unbanked people
CRC put a limit on SMS price and introduced USSD for mobile operations, which moved US$111.5 million in 2013. Moreover, organizations dedicated to e-payments will be created.
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Regional | General
Cable & Wireless won more by focusing on the region and reducing costs
The company’s net profit grew 45% in the last fiscal year even though its revenue fell 1%. The relocation of its headquarters and business evolution were keys.
Global | General
Telefónica profits decreased 23.2% in the first quarter
Revenues totaled € 12.232,000 of which € 2.666 was contributed by Brazil and € 3.436 million by Telefónica’s Latin America business. The debt was € 42.724,000.
Regional | General
América Móvil’s profits decreased 48.3% in the first quarter
Carlos Slim's company earned US$ 1.06 billion between January and March. The declaration of dominance and secondary laws in Mexico were the main causes of this decline.
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Ecuador | General
Central Bank to bet at E-Money as tool for social inclusion
The project will have a mobile wallet solution provided by the consortium Inswitch-Adexus. Beneficiaries of social plans will be the first to use it.
Regional | General
Mexico, key for Nextel subscriber loss in 2013
The company reported 213,000 customers less than by the end of 2012, and disconnections in Mexico were 390,000. For this year, it will invest between US$600 and US$700 million aiming at growing.
Global | General
Telefónica revenue fell 8.5% but profits rose 16.9% in 2013
Latin America accounted for 51% of the revenue and offset the decline in Europe. Debt at the end of December amounted to € 45.381 billion and the goal is to lower it to € 43 billion this year.
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Nextel and Cablevision decline to participate in spectrum tender
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More than 50% of the world population to have Internet access 2017
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