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Ecuador | General
Central Bank to bet at E-Money as tool for social inclusion
The project will have a mobile wallet solution provided by the consortium Inswitch-Adexus. Beneficiaries of social plans will be the first to use it.
Regional | General
Mexico, key for Nextel subscriber loss in 2013
The company reported 213,000 customers less than by the end of 2012, and disconnections in Mexico were 390,000. For this year, it will invest between ...
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Global | General
Telefónica revenue fell 8.5% but profits rose 16.9% in 2013
Latin America accounted for 51% of the revenue and offset the decline in Europe. Debt at the end of December amounted to € 45.381 billion and the goal is to lower it to € 43 billion this year.
Global | General
Governments' resistance to Bitcoin
Last week, Russia decreed the illegality of the virtual currency most highly widespread. In this way, it joined similar decisions from China, Thailand, India and Iceland. Its current value is US$390.
Regional | General
America Movil lost 18% in 2013
Closed the year with 270 million mobile users: the largest rise was given in Central America. Net income fell to US$ 5.61 billion in the fourth quarter, although there were signs of recovery.
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Global | General
Millicom grows 7.3% in 2013 and focuses on developing new business
Income of the multinational company reached US$5.159 billion in the year, mainly from mobile phone. New businesses are showing the greatest growth.
Global | General
Telefónica gains dropped 21.1% in the third quarter
Latin America contributed the most to company earnings with € 7.101 billion while the business was affected by exchange rate variations. In late September, total debt decreased to € 46.101 billion.
Regional | General
Weak third quarter for América Móvil, after 46.2% fall in net profit
The exchange rate depreciation, the economic situation in Mexico and losses reported by the Dutch KPN partly explain said results. The company reached 265 million mobile users.
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Regional | General
Millicom: New businesses increased revenue by 7.6% in third quarter
While the mobile segment represents 43% of sales, highlights the growth in Cable, Online and Financial Services. The company said it acquired a pay TV operator in Bolivia.
Global | Shares
Telefónica stake in Telco Group to be increased to 66%
To avoid regulatory problems in Argentina and Brazil its holding of shares with voting rights remains at 46%. The group renewed its link until 2015.
Regional | General
Nextel records losses of US$396.4 million in second quarter
Closing of Sprint iDEN network in the United States negatively affected operations in Mexico, mainly. Sale of the subsidiary in Peru and charges amounting to US$101 million restructuring. Closing of Sprint iDEN network in the United States negatively affe
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  Brazil |
Senate approved bill Civil Rights Framework for the Internet
  Ecuador |
120,000 devices already rejected by mobile registration system
  Mexico |
PAN manages to raise initiative on secondary legislation as draft, but to be amended
  Global |
Net Mundial: Rousseff in favor of democratizing instead of replacing ICANN
  Global |
Latin America sovereignty conquered in cyberspace
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