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  Sectoral analysis | Convergent Services
Regional | Fixed-mobile
Azteca bases regional expansion in optical fiber but without ruling out mobile services in Colombia
The Mexican company, awardee of two national fiber projects in the region, reported Convergencialatina it is seeking 700 MHz spectrum to enter the Colombian mobile market.
Uruguay | Triple play
Cable companies in the interior provide new services through an agreement with ANTEL
Seeking alliances and strategies to compensate the arrival of new technologies. Out of Montevideo, there is one operator per 1,500 subscribers.
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Regional | General
The industry chooses between monetizing ubiquitous television and leaving the "king user" happy
"We are governed by a terrible despot, the so-called "king user", who wants to pay less and demands more and more services", said Horacio Martínez, president at Datco Group.
Paraguay | General
Tigo to invest US$ 500 million in 2014
Daniel Olivella, Product Manager of Fixed Services, highlighted FTTH deployments and "Tigo Cloud". The organization in 4 business units and the entrance into content, other key points.
Bolivia | General
Tigo to use LTE as fixed Internet substitutor in new Quadruple Play profile
Tigo to use LTE as fixed Internet substitutor in new Quadruple Play profilePablo Guardia, operator manager, said that in 2014, 4G on AWS and 700 MHz will be launched. Tigo will also add IP telephony, broadband over FTTH and HFC and satellite television.
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Argentina | Triple play
Three cooperatives invest US$ 300,000 each to give Triple Play
They will use the Minerva platform, which has already entered channels of Open Digital Television (TDA) and those of Red Intercable.
Chile | General
New ways to watch TV presented in Chile Media Show
The ninth edition of the event, which ends today in Viña del Mar, analyzed the approach of contents from multiple devices and platforms, especially by young people.
Brazil | General
Operators coexist with OTTs, but request balancing the competition
Traditional providers understand that customers will set the progress of new content distributors. ANATEL declared itself incompetent and requested conversation between the parties.
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Global | General
A Vision of Video on Demand: between Internet TV Apps and potential of original content
Netflix introduced its long-term prospects for the business, where it recognizes HBO and Amazon as major competitors. The decay of the TV linear model.
Argentina | General
First NPlay debate: Contents, media act and role of SMEs and cooperatives
At the opening of Grupo Convergencia event, Juan García Bish, from Gigared, underlined channel quality, mobility in multiple screens and low demand content provision as cable operators’ priorities.
Regional | General
Obstacles to OTT adoption: undeveloped models, small scale and payment means
TV operators, telecom companies, content producers, Internet companies and even other industries, behind the revolution of video.
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  Brazil |
Bernardo says, lot 4 could be tendered once 700 MHz has been cleaned
  Brazil |
The government collected US$ 900 million less than expected in the 700 MHz auction
  Mexico |
Regulator fines Telmex with US$3.66 million
  Global |
Telefónica closes purchase of E-Plus and begins leading the German market
  Global |
Telefónica diversifies businesses thereof to offset voice and messaging drop
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