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Consulting and research

Convergencia Research is the research and consulting division in Grupo Convergencia, leader in specialized telecom information in Latin America.

Convergencia Research has the best known team of analysts in the region, focused on markets, regulations, business, and service planning.

 Expert Analysts per region
  • Brazil
  • México
  • Central America and the Caribbean
  • The Andean Community
  • The Southern Cone
 Expert Analysts per service
  • Telephony (local, LD, calling cards, wholesale)
  • Internet and corporate data
  • Mobiles (voice, roaming, mobile data)
  • Satellites
  • Media (CATV, DTH)

Due to its Latin American origin, its multiple local presence, and broad expertise, Convergencia Research is worth for its:

- Flexibility to serve all demand types: information, analysis and projections. Flexibility to adequate methods and result presentation to the needs of operators, equipment providers, banks, and investment analysts.

- In-depth knowledge of the Latin American market. Projections based on real research, and adjusted to the ideas on telecoms in the region and in every country. It includes social variables to determine business feasibility, and a thorough analysis of the political and regulatory terms that present hindrances and opportunities in each Latin American market.

- Operative results to be used in commercial activities that secure a quick return on the investment made in research and consulting. Up-dated identification of players, main clients and partners. Realistic estimate of the demand minimizing risks for operators and IT providers to start-up new services. Consulting costs suitable for the Latin American reality.

 Consulting Services
  • Competitive intelligence on specific telecom markets in Latin America, per region or service.
  • Subscriber and revenue projections for new telecom services.
  • Analysis and follow-up of key clients.
  • Identification of prospect clients.
  • International regulatory benchmarking as support for the strategies implemented by the Government and international bodies.
  • International benchmarking for strategies to be adopted to launch new technologies and businesses.
  • Search of support and/or sales partners.
  • Research on trademark positioning, and market trends as regards mass consumers, SMEs, and big players.
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