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New Document On-line Products

A Diario Latino. News service via e-mail. The most important events in the industry throughout Latin America, presented briefly and in order.

Analysis features. In-depth articles sent twice a week. Reasons and explanations on market moves, covering the various telecom segments: fixed and mobile telephony, Internet, broadband services, regulation, satellites.

Extras: Instant information when news are worth it.

Indicators per country. Set of data to help you build your business plan. Background on fixed and mobile telephony; teledensity. Number of operators per service, list of operators, market share. In addition to daily updated news, the portal counts on historical files for articles and news published.

LatSat. Weekly news service on the Latin American satellite industry. Given its dynamics, the industry calls for constant updates, always considered from a regional perspective.
It includes analysis features on sectoral moves in Latin America, as well as a selection of the most important news the region and the world have heard on satellites, cable TV, and the content industry.
* Available only by subscription: Spanish and English version

Convergencia Wireless is the weekly newsletter by email on the world of Wireless Telecoms, offering a summary of news on mobile telephony and wireless services that may have an impact in the region.
Besides, it provides in-depth analysis and different and daring views on prospect settings in the short, mid and long-term.
* Available only by subscription: Spanish and English version

Off-line Products

Convergencialatina Maps: Graphic displays of the complex setting of Latin American telecoms. To visualize the reality of the sector at a mere glance.

  • Map of Regional Players in Latin America
  • Cell Map for Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Satellite Map of Latin America
  • Latin American Convergence Map

Convergencialatina’s Yearbooks: Atlas where you can find, not only the latest innovations of the sector, but also how the main players of those markets foresee the future.

  • Cell Yearbook
  • Latin American Broadband Yearbook

Redes de Gobierno 2014: digital connection cases in Patagonia provinces
Gedeon Santos: The State is back, not to crush but to facilitate private development
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