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New Document You and your company can get updated info on the Latin American and Caribbean telecom market. You only have to subscribe / sign up.

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Access to www. Every daily news published. Records of published news in the last 5 years. Searches per sector, country, and company.

A Diario Latino, every day in your e-mail box, between 30 and 40 daily news organized by country and subject, covering main events in the region.

Extra articles (by e-mail) when news are relevant and need to be published immediately.

Analysis features. An in-depth look on the most outstanding events region wide, prepared by our expert journalists.

Operators´ Directory. Basic info on main players region wide.

Sectoral indicators per country and market segment, according to data furnished by State entities. Fixed and mobile telephony, Internet, corporate data, and the Media. Socio-economic data, Telecom entities, etc.

List of the most important events in the sector.

Coverage of most important telecommunications events in Latin America. For you not to lose track on debates, and fresh trends.

Convergencialatina´s Maps (free delivery). 50x70 Posters, graphically displaying telecom market moves.

Cell Year Book Latin America (free delivery). More than 120 pages, making a true atlas of cell competition in Latin

Broad Band Yearbook(free delivery). The presents opportunities from each country, including the description of local players, the competitions situation as well as the commercial and technological trend of each market

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